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Our restaurant and cuisine

A restaurant for great occasions, but also simply for...great holidays

In our restaurant, you will have the chance to enjoy local specialities, interpreted by our chef Giorgio who has worked in the Trettenero kitchen for more than 30 years, creating recipes which also use products grown in our mountain hut in the town of Suntra, on the slopes of the Small Dolomites.

Among our typical specialities: pasture cheeses flavoured with berries and local herbs and accompanied by homemade quince mustards. Homemade pasta with mushrooms, local meat sauce or fresh vegetables from our garden, according to the season.

And let us not forget local dishes from our land, such as gnochi coa fioreta, a De.Co. product, in which gnocchi are cooked with pasture butter and smoked ricotta, the delicious Vicenza-style cod with polenta, or the famous maresina cake.

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Our chef transforms raspberries, blackberries, red currants, kiwis, nuts and hazelnuts into jams and cakes for our breakfast buffet.

WINES: our staff can recommend wines from our list, featuring labels from Vicenza, the Veneto region and the rest of Italy.

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