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An exceptional location

Period mansion surrounded by nature, perfect for receptions & weddings

Discover the charm of the Trettenero 4 star Hotel in Recoaro Terme. Thanks to its services, its location – surrounded by nature yet in the centre of the town – and its excellent cuisine, it is also ideal for receptions and weddings.

Historical Place and Period Mansion

This ancient nineteenth century palace, in which such famous figures as Verdi and Mascagni stayed over the years, welcomes you into an atmosphere from another age, while offering modern four star services and friendly family management. The fully equipped multifunctional halls are perfect for various types of set-ups, allowing you to organize customized events.

The “court”

This is the inner space of the building, including an outdoor area surrounded by covered environments on each side. Over the course of the seasons, the courtyard changes its look almost magically: this is indeed the home of violets, yellow and orange pansies in springtime, of the dipladenia bianca during the summer, of red American vines in the fall and of green cypresses in wintertime. A visual fest all year round!

In this one-of-a-kind architectonic setting, admirably combining Liberty style and Venetian Gothic elements, we can set up all the necessary for an aperitif, a buffet or whatever you wish to offer your friends or guests of your wedding, anniversary celebration or party banquet.

A green and tranquil oasis connected to the hotel, featuring majestic and secular trees, the true witnesses of the past of this gorgeous place. We take care of the garden directly, as it represents the soul of our structure and, over the course of its two hundred-year-old history, it has welcomed some of the most famous visitors of the thermal baths.

Special Offers

Hotel offers in Recoaro: when convenience meets quality