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The Recoaro Thermal Baths

The Recoaro Thermal Baths: a perfect mix of wellness and fun

The fame of the Recoaro Thermal Baths and their beneficial waters is perfectly reflected in the crystal-clear freshness of the healing water springs which have been filling visitors’ glasses for more than 300 years.

Muds, baths, inhalations and massotherapy treatments complete the range of cures offered by the Centro Sanitario, which carries on a tradition born in the golden century of thermal bathing, when philosophers and rulers, politicians and scholars would travel to these Springs from all over Italy and Europe.

All treatments are approved by the National Health service.

The thermal springs

In order to understand the extraordinary hydrogeological richness of the Recoaro Thermal Baths, keep in mind that these feature no less than 9 thermal springs, 4 in the municipal area and 5 in the Fonti Centrali structure.

  • Lelia
    (mineral, with high iron content, excellent restorative effects, the first spring of the Recoaro Thermal Baths to be discovered – in 1689, by Count Lelio Piovene)
  • Amara
    (mineral, with high sulphate and magnesium content, highly indicated for cases of chronic constipation and for certain cases of IBS)
  • Lorgna
    (mineral, indicated for curing gastritis and in general for so-called hepato-biliary dyspepsia (poor digestion) due to biliary secretion deficits.
  • Nuova
    (mineral, similar to the Lorgna water, used for a wide range of cases, especially for hydropinic therapies)
  • Lora
    (oligomineral water considered to have medical properties, particularly indicated for treating kidney stones and hyperuricemia)

The Centro sanitario features modern equipment for inhalation treatments, with sections reserved for paediatric cures and group nebulization treatments..

The Centro balneoterapico, divided into various cure and relaxation areas, offers the following treatments: balneotherapy (Ocra bath, carbonic bath, ozonized bath and sulphur bath), muds, hydromassage and massotherapy.

Park of the Central Springs

The offer of the Recoaro Thermal Baths is completed by the vast 220.000 sq. m. park, featuring a series of sporting facilities, entertainment activities and meeting areas for visitors.

Various paths lead into the park, which features a large variety of trees, mostly of the evergreen kind. The last detailed inventory dates back to 1931 and surveyed no less than 1.200 high plants in the park and along the roads that lead to the thermal area.

Special Offers

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