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The Nordic Walking

Hotel with free beginner nordic walking course

Nordic walking is a complete and well-known sport. This type of physical activity involves a large number of muscles and leads you to undertake pleasant and healthy naturalistic explorations.
Our hotel can supply you with all the necessary equipment, free of charge.
Furthermore, we also offer a brief and free nordic walking beginners course led by our instructor Paolo and a specific map featuring all the trails of our NORDIC PARK, one of the largest and less contaminated of the Veneto lower mountain area.

Nordic walking is easy when staying in the Hotel Trettenero, given that:

  • We are just a few steps away from the cableway that takes you to the Montagnole Plateau
  • We offer special nordic walking excursion packages
  • When you return from your excursions, you can enjoy maximum relaxation with our wellness services and our view onto the Small Dolomites of the Vicenza area
  • You can keep in shape thanks to free access to our gym

Come and walk in the Small Dolomites!

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