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Receptions and weddings

Discover why you should choose our structure to celebrate an event

For more than 25 years, our hotel has been a reference point for meetings & banquets and customized events in Recoaro Terme.

Our position, in the centre of the town, is the ideal location for organizing your successful meeting, as it offers the spaces and charm of a nineteenth century mansion, plus the very best technological systems.

The Celebrations Hall

The main lunch hall is located within the ancient celebrations hall. Each element, from decorations to period furnishings, is in full harmony with the charm and elegance of our period mansion, and will contribute to the success of your event.

The bar

Our bar is located in a large and welcoming hall with a fireplace which will warm up your cold winter evenings. It opens onto the Liberty-style courtyard.

Let us organize your important occasions

A ceremony, recurrence or special event should be memorable, worth remembering over the course of time with pleasure and transport.

On request, we can create splendid flower compositions and decorations in your most beloved shapes and tones, using completely particular materials.

The beauty of the results will leave you speechless: every important moment in life deserves a special scenery and we will help you prepare it!


Our Period Mansion is enriched by its “court”, which combines Liberty style and elements of the Venetian Gothic, and by its large garden, the ideal locations for your event in the Veneto region.


Chef Giorgio’s cuisine features local specialities from our land, using products we cultivate directly. Come and discover the culture and flavours of the Upper Vicenza area!

Special Offers

Hotel offers in Recoaro: when convenience meets quality