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Things to see in Recoaro Terme

Recoaro Mille, the 52 Tunnels of Pasubio, war memories and much more!

In addition to the joys offered by the thermal baths, a holiday in Recoaro is a chance to enjoy many other cultural, historical and naturalistic landmarks.

Above the town of Recoaro Terme is Recoaro Mille, a paradise for lovers of sporting holidays between the Small Dolomites and the Pasubio mountain.

During the summer and wintertime, starting directly from our hotel in the centre of town, you can easily reach Recoaro Mille by using the cableway to the montagnole Plateau, where you can walk in the shade of the woods and of secular trees, visit pastures, climb rocks or simply hike alongside local guides of the valley.

More unmissable landmarks

Eco-museum of the Great War

Starting on the plateau, the eco-museum of the Great War follows a 60km itinerary across the pre-alpine valleys, which were the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.

Route of the 52 Tunnels

Mount Pasubio, dubbed “the witches’ boiler” by an Austrian soldier, offers visitors a vast network of paths, mule trails and routes on all sides of the mountain. The most spectacular of these is the “Route of the 52 Tunnels”, a one-of-its-kind path to be travelled in company.

Museums and testimonies

In Recoaro terme and its surroundings, you can visit many museums and historical landmarks, including the Museum of the Soldier’s Life and the “International Museum of traces of the greatest accordion players”, the 1st World War trenches and the Kesselring Bunker from the 2nd World War, which can be accessed directly from the Central Springs Park.

Path of the Great Trees and Path of the millstones, two unmissable experiences

Path of the Great Trees: a trail across woods and pastures at an altitude of 1000 metres: an opportunity to really experience nature and the woods, during which you can try natural “Forest Therapy”, surrounded by breathtaking views along a path suitable for hikers of all experience levels. If you need nordic walking or trekking poles, just ask us. Path of the millstones: the extraction of millstones was the main economic activity of this valley for many centuries, and this left visible signs on the sides of our mountains. This itinerary follows part of the route travelled by the stone cutters when extracting these artefacts for the purpose of selling them in the lower valley.

And don’t forget the enchanting art cities of the Veneto plain are just a few minutes away by car: Vicenza the city of Palladio, Verona, Padua and Venice, with its unmistakeable charm.

And, finally, why not visit the minor towns? The area is peppered with small centres with stone walls, filled with history, tradition, typical flavours and products, and surrounded by rural landscapes, vineyards and hills.

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