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A historical introduction

A wellness holiday landmark in Veneto, ever since the eighteen century

The town of Recoaro shares and ancient and dual relationship with its thermal baths, one that has probably been the reason behind its fame and fortune. Let us briefly summarize the main events of the history of the Recoaro Thermal Baths. It is said that as early as 1689, Count Lelio Piovene discovered by pure chance the beneficial properties of a thermal spring in Recoaro.

Utilization of the thermal springs (no less than nine in the whole municipality) gradually grew during the 1800s up to the construction of the first structure at the end of the century. Soon, hotels, entertainment spaces, a Casino, military barracks and a hostel for the poor were built nearby the baths.

The golden age of thermal waters took place under the Hapsburg Empire, during the nineteenth century.

The light and low-sodium content water from the Lora spring started being bottled and commercialized in 1927.

Between 1943 and 1945, Recoaro Terme was involved in some of the major events of the Second World War in Italy. The Nazi command set up its base in the Central Springs, creating a bunker which can still be visited today.

The post-war economic boom also led to a new season of flourishing for Recoaro, highlighted by the era of television, when the Recoaro water became well-known across the entire country.

Still today, many remember the famous advertisement on the TV show Carosello Chiaro, limpido … Recoaro! (lit. Clear, limpid… Recoaro!)

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