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Our Comfort Rooms

Rest is even better when surrounded by history and charm

Featuring our typical design, the Comfort Rooms are large and functional, overlooking the small courtyard or the fruit garden of the residence.

Services you will find in our Comfort Rooms:

  • Double bed (or possibility to set up the Suite as a family room), with soft anatomical pillows
  • Hypoallergenic duvets
  • Large bathroom with shower
  • Suite set: slippers, dressing gown, soft terry towels
  • Vanity set: soap, foam and cream, shower cap, sewing set, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Mini bar with Recoaro brand drinks
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Direct phone line
  • Satellite TV
  • Safe

If you are looking for functional accommodation for your upcoming holiday in Recoaro Terme, between the Small Dolomites of the Veneto region, with an excellent quality-price ratio, choose one of our Comfort Rooms.

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Rest is even better when surrounded by history and charm
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