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Cycling services and routes

Services and routes for mountain and road bikes

Mountain biking or road biking are easy and thrilling activities in Recoaro. Indeed, this area and the Vicenza Pre-Alps offer a large number of trails.

Varying in length and difficulty, these routes will allow you to combine the pleasure of physical activity with the beauty and variety of the landscape, while also visiting relevant naturalistic and historical landmarks: for example, take the “road of the Heroes” on mount Pasubio, the location of one of the main battles of the First World War.
Many paths and routes await your excursions, with their spectacular views and suggestive locations.

Suggestions and guided hikes

Paolo can direct you towards the most magical places nearby Recoaro, with a series of customized suggestions. Paolo is an expert on our land and can unveil its secrets for you, offering hints or even accompanying you to places where only a specialized guide such as him can truly tell you about the local history and natural wonders.

Bike and electric bike rental

So you don’t want to carry your bike with you? No problem, we can rent one for you, and even find you an electric bike if you prefer it: this is where the Neox model is produced!

Special Offers

Hotel offers in Recoaro: when convenience meets quality