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Excursions in Recoaro Terme

Walking, a wonderful way to achieve personal growth

There is more to Recoaro Terme than thermal treatments, relaxation and a lovely atmosphere.

Here, visitors who enjoy the mountains, physical activity or more simply a healthy outdoors lifestyle, have the opportunity to go for thrilling excursions and walks, while discovering a land filled with ancient inhabitations, streams and pastures, and watching the local fauna which inhabits the slopes of these mountains, as well as unique flower species and rare and diversified geological formations which have caught the interest of hundreds of scholars from across the globe.

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Ideas for excursions to Recoaro Terme


From the Campogrosso alp to the Small Dolomites, truly a climber’s realm; from the Monte Campetto and Cima Marana archeovia to the Montagnole Plateau; from the Gazza to the Santa Giuliana hill, this place offers a huge variety of excursions near Recoaro Terme.

Whether you are travelling by car or on foot, in just a few minutes you can visit surprising and unforgettable places. A cableway will take you from the centre of the town to the Pizzegoro Plateau (Recoaro Mille) where all visitors – including families with children – can easily and serenely walk amidst breathtaking views.

And don’t forget that Paolo, who is a guide of this land, is always available to offer suggestions and to accompany you.

escursioni nella natura
escursioni nella natura
escursioni nella natura
escursioni e arrampicata nella natura

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